Casino Experience for Colorblind Gamers

Casino Experience

Color Vision Deficiency, sometimes known as “color-blindness,” affects around 1 in 20 males and 2 in 400 women worldwide. People affected by the illness, for the most part, have quite normal lives. Small things are generally affected, such as not realizing when your phone is charged because the indicator hasn’t changed color noticeably. 

A trip to the casino, whether in person or at the HellSpin online casino, can also be problematic. Consider the contrast between red and green at the roulette table. Or the several colors of chips used in various casino table games. So what do casinos do to help people who are colorblind? Let us investigate.

More about Colour Vision Impairment

Casino Experience

The world is not black and white for most colorblind people. Most people who are affected can see the entire spectrum; it’s simply difficult to discern specific colors, which are mainly red and green. As a result, the phrase “color-blind” is misleading. Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) is a better term.

With about millions of people affected around the world, it makes sense for businesses, including casinos, to make their services as friendly as feasible. Here are some of the basic methods that casinos use to make life simpler for CVD patients.

Playing Cards

Mike Caro, a poker legend, pioneered the use of a four-color deck, which debuted in 1992 at Foxwoods. It wasn’t popular to begin with, especially given how superstitious gamblers are. 

There was some pushback at first, whether it was because their favorite card design was considered a fortunate charm or just because they were skeptical of anything new. However, the concept has gained traction in recent years across a variety of card games.

Betting Chips

Casino Experience

Online betting chips are another big issue for people with CVD at the casino. Chips without a number to identify their worth are popular in land-based casinos. So, if you’re having trouble determining what color the chips are, there’s obviously a high risk of difficulties occurring.

To reduce the risk, most chip designs that lack numerical values include unique patterning on the edges. It could be dots, stripes, or other repeated patterns that serve as a distinct visual cue. 

Of course, just printing the chip’s value is the finest move a casino can make. However, some casinos are hesitant to do so because making changes in the future will be costly. However, because the values can be modified quickly and readily at no cost, online casinos frequently display them.


When it comes to dice games like craps, contrast is everything. Because dice are often little things, it is critical that the spots do not clash with the color of the die itself. The ideal contrast for a casino that wants to be CVD-friendly is black and white. 

Dice are used in a number of live dealer games. Because these games are staged in a studio and aired online, the players are not required to participate. As a result, the designers are able to use big dice. That’s a fantastic approach to improving visibility for everybody, not just those suffering from CVD.

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