Game Simulations on Online Sportsbook

Game Simulations

Virtual sports are a major part of the online sports betting industry. They are a quick way of making profits, as your bets could be settled in minutes. Virtual sports, which are computer-generated simulations of various sporting events, are typically prevalent in online sportsbooks. Instead of real players, algorithms are used in these simulations to determine the results.

22Bet Ghana has an extensive selection of virtual sporting events for bettors who prefer playing simulations to real-player matches. There is not much difference between these two betting types because virtual sports are designed to mimic the real sports experience. They contain realistic graphics and betting options you can find in your regular sportsbook. Furthermore, they cover a wide range of sporting events that are easily accessible to bettors.

Virtual Sports Available On Online Gambling Platforms

Game Simulations

To at least give gamblers a variety of possibilities, the vast majority of sporting events have been turned into simulations. Some of the popular virtual sports you can find in an online sportsbook include:


Football is the largest sporting event that is available for virtual sports betting. It is present in every online sportsbook that offers game simulations to its customers. Regular leagues and tournaments have simulations in the virtual sports section. Therefore, bettors can find simulated matches of competitions like the English Premier League or Champions League. However, some bookmakers may develop their own leagues for customers to wager on. 

On virtual football simulations, you can place wagers on various betting options, such as the winning team, number of goals, or correct score. 


Virtual basketball mimics the fast-paced intensity of real games. The scoring patterns and points range are all so similar that you won’t notice it’s a simulation. Bettors can place bets on the game winner, total points scored, or the winning margin. Virtual basketball betting is a goldmine for profits. 


Simulated tennis matches offer the same similarities to real game tennis in terms of players’ performance. So, if a player is doing perfectly well and winning matches, when it comes to simulations, they would also perform well, which adds some level of realism to the simulation. 

Horse Racing

Game Simulations

Rather than go to the tracks and waste hours watching and betting on real-life racers, you can easily stay home and bet on virtual horse racing events. Computer-generated horses and jockeys compete against each other with quality graphics that gives you the complete horse racing experience. Furthermore, races are generated after a couple of minutes, meaning the fun never stops when betting on virtual horse racing. 

Greyhound Racing

Similar to virtual horse racing, virtual greyhound racing provides bettors with a simulation of greyhound racing events. Virtual greyhound racing offers a realistic and immersive animation of the sport. Online sportsbooks are now able to display the various greyhounds’ behaviors thanks to AI, which enhances the realism of the gambling experience.

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