System bet

System bet

We would like to guide our readers into the not at all simple universe of system betting. The topic can be difficult at first, and the sports betting sites do not clearly explain how this system works.

It’s no wonder, since the bookmaker’s primary interest is for you to lose. We want you to win, which is why we want you to familiarize yourself with this online betting method. By reading our article, you can get clear answers to the following questions:

  • What does System betting mean?
  • How can we place System bets?
  • How does System betting work? Illustrated with examples
  • How much can you win with System betting?
  • What System Betting Tips, Tricks and Strategies Are There?

Stay with us and read on if you want to know the answer to any question.

In the following paragraph, we will therefore explain what the world of professional sports betting means by the term System betting. If you are already absolutely aware of this, feel free to skip ahead to any of the following chapters!

Beginner’s Guide to Sports Betting – Meaning of System Betting

Meaning of System Betting

By system betting, we mean when we make a slip in multiple bindings so that not all of our events have to come in. This is how the essence of System betting can be summarized as briefly as possible.

A System bet therefore means a slip placed in a system in which several slips are played simultaneously on one slip. System bets can be any – depending on the options offered by the bookmaker.

We can use System bets in three, four, five, six, and even any number of combinations. Before placing the bet, we can choose how many events must at least come in to win. This is what the fractional number on the System betting slip means.

So if you see, for example, a System 4 / 6 bet, that means you’ve selected six events. You can fail two of these events, and if you only made four good guesses out of six, you still won. This is one of the big advantages of System betting.

How to do it – This is how you can make System bets easily

make System bets

Fortunately, nowadays most online sports betting sites simply allow System betting. Simply log into your account, load some money and start playing. Choose your favorite league and watch the upcoming matches. If you have already decided which teams you want to bet on, select the odds.

Then, by clicking on the odds, the bookmaker will automatically generate a slip for you. This is basically a ticket made in a single bond, i.e. a combined bet that wins only if all events from the ticket come in.

However, you can switch to System reception. Here you can specify the minimum number of hits you want to win. Of course, the smaller the number you enter, the larger the bet amount will be.

Do not forget this under any circumstances. When betting on a system, the amount of the bet changes, since practically your single slip functions as several independent slips.

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