System bets with examples – For easier understanding

System bets with examples

For example, let’s take 5 events on which you make a system bet. Let’s say 3 / 5, and the 5 events are as follows:

  • A: Man Utd – Leeds Mon 1.40
  • B: Alaves – Real M V 1.35
  • C: Spurs – Man City V 2.00
  • D: Barca – Sociedad M 1.60
  • E: Dortmund – Frankfurt M 1.75

If you made a 3 / 5 system bet, it means that if at least three events come in, you won. The possible paylines are therefore: ABC, ABD, ABE, ACD, ACE, ADE, BCD, BCE, BDE, CDE, ABCD, ABCE, ACDE, ABDE, BCDE, ABCDE. This means that you will complete these 16 sections in total.

In this case, your bet is 16x higher. That is, if you spend, say, HUF 100 for this, the entire System bet will cost HUF 1,600, and so on. It is worth noting that a MINIMUM of three events must be fulfilled – so if four out of five or all five of your tips come in, of course you still win.

That’s it – How much can I win with System bets?

win with System bets

Let’s stick with the example of one hundred forints above. We have selected five events so that you pay from a minimum of three hits. Thus, we made a total of 16 sections. In practice, this means 16 pieces of one-hundred-forint vouchers. By the way, we can do this manually, one at a time.

The disadvantage of this is of course that it is slower and more complicated, but its huge advantage is that in this case not every bet is a hundred forints – we can differentiate between the importance, strength and probability of the sections. That is, we can put more money on the more certain events, we don’t put them all up for the same amount.

Let’s say we hit the first four of our tips A, B, C, D and E above, but Frankfurt saved X at the last minute against Dortmund. In this case, in the case of a simple combi bet, we get nervous, because the coupon is gone. However, thanks to the System bet, all our slips that do not include event E are winners.

So our prize is: ABC + ABD + ACD + BCD + ABCD. These five coupons of ours are therefore winners, and the sum of the prizes is added up. On these odds, with a bet of one hundred forints, i.e. with a payment of one thousand six hundred forints, this means the following numbers:

  • ABC: 100 × 1.40 × 1.35 × 2.00 = 378
  • ABD: 100 × 1.40 × 1.35 × 1.60 = 302.4
  • ACD: 100 × 1.40 × 2.00 × 1.60 = 448
  • BCD: 100 × 1.35 × 2.00 × 1.60 = 432
  • ABCD: 100 × 1.40 × 1.35 × 2.00 × 1.60 = 604.8

The total prize from HUF 1,600: 378 + 302 + 448 + 432 + 604 = HUF 2,165.2

Of course, the above are only example numbers for easier illustration. Obviously, every section is different. However, it is worth noting that:

It is worth playing a slot where the events come in (because you want to win)

It is worth taking a risk, because if you only place small odds, you may not win back the price of the placed bet, even if you win anyway.

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